"If you believe too much you'll never notice the flaws; if you doubt too much you won't get started. It requires a lovely balance."

-- Richard W. Hamming


December 13, 2021: Joined CSE, IIT Bombay

At IIT Kanpur:

January, 2021: When robots are intelligent, one needs mechanism design to prioritize their movements avoiding collision. Here is our paper on competitive robot prioritization that got accepted in ICAPS.

September-November, 2020: The course lectures of "Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design" are now online. See this YouTube playlist.

April-May, 2020: We have developed Satyanweshi/सत्यान्वेषी, the truth-seeking chatbot. Set it up easily and truth-check suspicious messages before forwarding to others. Our solution secured the second place in MHRD AICTE SAMADHAN competition in response to COVID-19 among more than 2500 participants. See this IIT Kanpur twitter announcement or the video. Good work by Ankur, Yash, Nithya, and Prarthana who are currently working towards improving and maintaining Satyanweshi/सत्यान्वेषी. This project is mentored by Prof. Hamim Zafar and myself. Also visit (and "like" if you like) Satyanweshi/सत्यान्वेषी's Facebook page.

February, 2020: Paper on the blockchain-based skill evaluation tool SkillCheck gets accepted in IEEE ICBC. Congratulations to Jay.

January, 2020: Paper on the peer-grading tool SwaGrader gets accepted in CoDS-COMAD. Congratulations to Somu, Ayushi, and Shubham.

January-April, 2020: Teaching Computer Networks.

May, 2019: Press coverage of our work on surprise in elections.

May, 2019: Garima's (PhD student) second paper gets into IJCAI. Congratulations again!

May, 2019: Garima (PhD student) is traveling to Montreal to present her paper in AAMAS. Congratulations Garima!

January-April, 2019: Flown an A380, said differently, taught ESC101: Fundamentals of Computing. The crew after landing it successfully.

August-November, 2018: Taught Introduction to Game Theory and Mechanism Design.

January-April, 2018: Taught a new course, Selected Areas of Mechanism Design.

December 15, 2017: Co-organized a workshop on Computational Social Choice Theory at IIT Kanpur.

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